The Difference between High-Yield and Standard Toner Cartridges

Manufacturing of printer toner cartridges has gone through huge improvements. Toner (some refer to it as ink) found in cartridges comprise of a dry powder carefully blended with a polymer that helps it stick to the paper during printing.

The heat produced by the printer melts the toner granules so that they can stick permanently to the paper. The size of the toner granules helps in defining the printing resolution. If you want to get finer resolution, go for toner with smaller granules.

When selecting toners, many people look at the ability to print more pages, printing quality, and speed. The toner cartridges are, when compared to inkjet cartridges, relatively bigger. As such, they can print more pages.

At this point, we can categorize the toner cartridges into two groups; standard toners and high yield toners such as the Brother DCP-L2550DW toner. When you are buying a cartridge, understanding the difference between the two, standard and high-yield toners, is crucial to achieving anticipated satisfaction and high value for money.

Demystifying the High Yield and Standard Toner cartridges

As manufacturers work on delivering greater efficiency and cost-effective toner cartridges, the differences between high yield and standard toner cartridges have become more vivid.

  • Standard toners

This category of toners yields less compared to the high yield models. When using a standard yield toner, it is possible to make an average of 3000 pages. But there are some brands that can yield more. Besides, the print quality is also impressive on a wide range of papers.

Standard toners work with a wide range of laser and LED copy/scan/fax printers. Many printer manufacturers out there produce the standard toners. Notably, the standard toners also cost less compared to the high-yield models.

  • High yield toners

The high yield toners are designed to hold more toner compared the standard/ traditional designs. While it is true that the output can vary, depending on the cartridge you purchase, you can do up to 10,000 pages. The toners have very fine particles that help to deliver better resolution devoid of smudges.

High yield toners are designed by many manufacturers.  Besides, they are also easy to install and the cost of printing is very low. When you purchase a high yield toner, it is easy to install and start producing professional-rated results fast. Notably, high yield toner cartridges cost more compared to standard models.

  • What About Refilling?

To get high value from cartridges, they can be refilled by vendors. But some customers refill them on their own. It is very important to ensure you understand what you are doing when dealing with cartridges and printers. Here, the choice depends on your needs.  For example, if your daily output is very high, consider going for the high-yield toner.

Today, almost everyone who owns a computer requires a printer. So, if you need to print a lot of papers, the best option is a cartridge. The toner cartridges used in laser printers are preferred because of high volume and impressive print quality.

Notably, there are many brand toners and generic cartridges. But no matter your preferred option, it is prudent to ensure you purchase the model that is compatible with the printer of choice. It should also be capable of meeting your targeted quantity of prints.

Are you looking forward to getting an impressive deal on printer cartridges? Then, you need to do your homework well. Some of the top online suppliers of toners include Brother, Lexmark, and HP, among others. Visit their sites to compare the prices and follow past clients feedbacks. To get more from your printer, you must get it right on the toner cartridge!